How to find the best French Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, particularly french online casinos or at least casinos that accept players from France, whether they’re translated or not, it is extremely important to ensure that you only play in reputable casinos where you actually have a chance to cash out. Putting money in the casino will not usually be a problem, but when dealing with bad casinos, there are sometimes problems with getting the money out…

french casinosThis is why it is essential that you first read reviews and compare casinos before depositing to an online casino. If you also don’t trust review sites, you can find out a bit about the casino by reading their TOS or, as a more viable option, see if they have a free no deposit money bonus, and juist test out the casino by yourself. If you win something with the free spins or money, and actually manage to get the money to your account (Neteller, skrill, bank, etc, not player account), then, chances are, that you’ve found a nice, reputable french online casino. However, if problems arise already, the casino might not be the best place to bet your money.

But often times it isn’t as simple as that, as many reputable casinos have some clauses with their free spins offers, sometimes you have to wager some before cashing out. But maybe it’s best to only play in casinos that are 100% clean, the biggest brands, at least until you’ve used up all the most trusted brands’ deposit bonuses, after that you might want to be on the lookout for more french online casinos. But where and how do you get started in finding the best France Online Casinos in 2013 and 2014? Read on;


How To Find The Best French Online Casinos? | Online Casinos France

If you’re in France, you might even want to consider bitcoin gambling. With all the restrictions in place, it might just be easier to play with bitcoins. Even if you’re not that good with computers, bitcoin is surprisingly easy to learn. Gambling with bitcoins is just as simple, and the best part; impossible to regulate for governments, so you can play any way you want to!

It is recommended that you check some review blogs in your language. One good example we would recommend is – but there are other alternatives, of course. You should also check some forums and always google “casino name” feedback before depositing, otherwise you might even get fooled by forged reviews, always do your due diligence!

Spotting ‘Bad’ Online Casinos

slotspicWhen playing in an online casino, it is important that you play in a trusted, good, honest casino – otherwise it might just be that you’ll be getting ripped off when it comes the time you actually win something and try to cash into your Skrill -account. To avoid these unfortunate events, it is important to check if the casino you prefer fulfills these requirements first;


1. Positive reviews

It is important to always check the reviews before playing at an internet casino. And if a casino has bad reviews, chances are that it is not a very good casino, as logic would dictate. However, be sure to check more than one source for revirews (good or bad!), since reviews can be easily faked as well. But with some work and thinking, along with the other points in this checklist, you should be able to determine which casino is a trusted one. If you need help finding reviews, check for some.

2. License

If a casino isn’t licensed, they do not answer to anybody, but they’re basically illegal. However, in the international world, it’s hard to prosecute these casinos, if they’re based in different offshore countries. If a casino doesn’t have a gambling license, it is very probable that their games are rigged and/or they don’t even intend to pay out to their players.

A gambling license can be obtained only if a casino’s software is determined to be fair, not rigged, and if they pass several other quality checks. It also costs a little bit to maintain. A legit casino will always list their licensing details somewhere on the page. Furthermore, if a casino is licensed in the EU-area, the winnings are tax-free, but if it’s in another area, like the popular Costa Rica, You would be required to pay tax for any winnings according to your country’s tax laws, so be aware of this as well.

3. History

It would be ideal that you avoid brand-new casinos, since older casinos are automatically more trustworthy, since illegimate casinos are usually short-term project. Also, real reviews won’t really come around until the casino is at least 6 months old, if you find reviews earlier, chances are that money is involved somehow.

4. Software

One final point is checking the software comes from a reputable provider like Playtech or Microgaming – as some softwares are fairer than others. This info can be found by digging around reviews sites and the casinos own webpage.

There you have it, always check these points at minimum if you value your money and time at all!

How to find real casino reviews

It is very unfortunate that corruption has taken over the world – or that the world is and has always been corrupt – but that’s just how it is. This results in it being increasingly difficult to find real, honest reviews of online casinos. Reviews can be faked, whatever the language. And if they can be faked in this industry (iGaming), they will be, you can just bet on that. In an industry where there is no “political correctness”, highlighted by the abundance of beautiful women promoting different casino brands, you can not avoid finding a little corruption along the way.


Spot the marketers – tips


Say not to evil marketers!

So how can you find real reviews, honest reviews, in the evergrowing iGaming industry? Well, you just have to look hard enough and also learn how to separate copywriting and marketing speech from real experiences and reviews.

For the most amateruistic marketers, there are some common traits, like for example they praise a casino too much, and every single casino they review are soo amazing. That is one way to spot a marketer just looking to make money instead of sharing real experiences, or you know, caring about their visitors.

But there are a lot more subtle traits to marketers vs. real people as well. First, you’ll find that real reviews usually actually always have at least something negative as well, and while that can be faked by more experienced marketeres, it’s a good place to start. Then, real people are just sharing, so they do not care about typos as much, because they are not worried about conversion, etc.

Real people don’t usually excessively promote a casinos bonus either, which is a dead giveaway, at least when checking a forum for reviews. Sometimes real honest reviews can list bonuses though, especially on comparison sites likeĀ for example.

Thirdly, marketers are a lot less genuine sounding than real people, and you usually just get the feeling that they’re trying to constantly push you to sign up to the casino they’re promoting. They’ll highlight the bonus, they’ll mention all sorts of awards and they mention some points that you or me would probably never give a rats ass about.

And then, always check plenty of reviews. Usually the majority will be right, alltough sometimes there are varying opinions in general public as well (just look at the election around the world, it’s never a no brainer!)

Also read our post “Spotting bad online casinos” to make sure that you always play in a good place!